Joining information

Who can join ABTAPL?

The short answer is anybody who has an interest in the subjects! It is not essential to be working in a library, let alone one specialising in theology or philosophy, or to have trained as an information professional. Neither are we restricted to the head of the library / information service, whatever the titled field. Many of our members work in professional isolation, so sharing experiences from a wide range of disciplines does much to lift professional horizons. Some of our members have spent all their working lives in a specialist library, others have transferred from the public service; some have bookselling experience, or carry library responsibilities because they lecture in theology or philosophy. All are welcome in ABTAPL. The only membership qualification is to have an interest in the bibliography, librarianship or management of our specialist subjects.

Discounts available to members

Libraries who are members of ABTAPL are able to receive /negotiate discounts from selected publishers for books and journals subscriptions. For a listing of possible discounts, please contact the ABTAPL Honorary Secretary.

How to join ABTAPL

For those interested in joining ABTAPL, we have provided details of membership types and costs on an online membership form which can then be printed. Download the membership application form.